1. I’m about to make babies with my new body form. I’m so excited. It’s about to go dowwwnn. #charmedfeathers #new #bodyform #designershome

  2. "There’s nothing like the feelings you get when you begin to talk about your dreams and aspirations. You sit upright, the pitch of your voice changes, and your stomach starts to flip. You can’t stop thinking about it, always in reverie about its fruition yet, you still somehow find one excuse after another and allow circumstances to come in between you and that dream. Don’t ignore that pulling in your stomach. Go with your intuition and follow through with that dream/vision you always talk and think about. Rise above those insecurities and bring your dreams to reality. #howtoliveacharmedlife #charmed #charmedlife #charmedfeathers #dreams #vision #passion #work #project365 #dontresist #reality

  3. Finally done with today’s orders 😴😪. Class and more customer interviews tomorrow 👍 📖. #charmedfeathers #customorders #feathers #grind #alwaysworking

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow entrepreneur by the name of Merazh. Besides being a boutique owner, Merazh’s keeps a busy schedule tripling as a mother, wife, and a part time interior decorator! Above everything said, what drew me to her was How genuinely kind she was in addition to her beliefs in being kind to everyone around in the world. Merazh also believes entrepreneurs should support one another because only ‘we’ understand each other’s struggle. I praise Merazh for her empathy and professionalism, and I will always remember her word if I’m ever in a predicament which requires me to do as much. We all have different paths in our own crafts, but  we shouldn’t forget that we all have the same destination in establishing ourselves and our businesses. What I got from speaking with her is if ever you can’t understand someone, we should just remind ourselves that we’re all human.

    @Merazh is definitely out here in NYC ladies! Visit her IG for more on her boutique and how you can find all things girly and in-season. 

  5. If you don’t find me cracking up in person you can see my smile shine through most of my photos. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh. It’s one of the greatest pleasures of the world to be able to laugh at yourself AND make others smile too. So tomorrow challenge yourself this, “how many people can I make smile today”? #charmedfeathers #smile #charmed #charmedlife #laughs #howtoliveacharmedlife #humor #happy #laughatyourself #inspire

  6. Good morning Instagram 😇. Don’t let the rain spoil your plans for today. #Doyou Repost @chicnaturalistas #charmedfeathers #charmedlife #charmed #loveyourself #beyou

  7. be colorful

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  9. onsexualpaper:

    My new logo. I feel it embodies everything I want to emulate; simple yet distinct. When I chose the graphic there was an immediate connection. I hope you guys like it.

  10. Every day since I began my journey as a designer I’ve had so many mile stones and epiphanies. But when look back at some of my road blocks I realized that my own thoughts, fears, and self-doubt was the cause of most of them. I found so much happiness when I dropped any and every excuse there was. And it was then that my business and life began to grow and flourish. There’s so much to learn and so many ways to grow. But sometimes it’s jumping in head first that will get you there. So the next time you have an excuse ask yourself this, “am I avoiding a problem that can be solved or am I creating one that doesn’t exist?” #charmedfeathers #charmed #howtoliveacharmedlife #life #noexcuses #drive #determination